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Lease-Only Service

We recognize that some landlords want help renting their property, but want to manage it themselves. For that reason, we have developed a program where we do the legwork of finding and screening applicants, and allow you to manage the property once you have agreed to the tenant selection.

Our Lease Only Program includes the following Services:


1. Full Property Marketing

You get all the same website exposure, classified advertising, leasing agent attention, and signage as our lease-with-management clients get.

2. You Make The Decisions

We will contact you when we have an application. We will show the property; receive the application; pull credit, rental history, and verify employment; and review the application with you. Since you will be managing the tenant you should be making the decision on who gets approved and the terms of the lease. We will get your authorization in writing and prepare the paperwork, just as you have approved it.

3. Lease Preparation

We will complete and review the lease agreement with the tenant prior to their move in. Our lease agreement has been drafted and refined by the Georgia Association of Realtors and offers you, the landlord, as much protection under the law as we possibly can.

4. Move-In Inspection

We will conduct the move in inspection with the tenants and document the initial condition. You will receive a copy of this report. We will also ensure that the tenants receive keys and garage door openers (if applicable).

5. Documentation

You will receive copies of all documentation, including the application, credit report, tenant information sheet, move in documentation and the lease. You will also receive a check from PRM or a certified check from the Tenant to hold as a Security Deposit.



Up Front Marketing Fee: $250.00

This fee covers the marketing costs associated with your property.

Leasing Fee: 100% of 1 month’s rent. (Charged Upon Successful Placement of Tenant)

Covers the cost of showing the property, handling the lease and other paperwork, application, and deposit handling.