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Full Service Leasing & Property Management

When choosing a management company to lease and manage your property in Cobb, Paulding, Douglas and Carroll Counties, we understand that you are making a very important decision that has direct ties to one of your largest investments. We have developed strategies and policies to limit your expenses, increase your returns, and endure low vacancy times. Below is an overview of our leasing services, as well as a breakdown of the costs and benefits.

Pre-Marketing Services

  • Our Marketing Director is available to discuss leasing issues and answer all of your questions about getting your home leased quickly. Phone: 678-631-1819
  • We provide an up to date rental market analysis.
  • We advise on what it takes to make your home rent ready in today’s market.

Marketing the Property

  • Top notch Marketing Campaign including posting on over 50 Internet websites
  • 40+ Digital photos taken and stored for advertising and condition documentation.
  • Post in area Multiple Listing Service and offer referring agents one of the areas highest tenant referral commissions.
  • Install a professional yard sign
  • Licensed real estate agents show houses 24/7
  • Calls are answered 6 days a week.

Screening the Applicant

  • Pull Credit Report
  • Verify Employment & Proof of Income
  • Confirm previous Rental history
  • Pull eviction reports
  • Pull registered sex offender reports
  • Evaluate whether or not additional deposits will be required.

Move-In Procedures

  • Review and sign the lease and housekeeping documents
  • Perform Move-In Inspection
  • Collecting Security Deposit and Pet Fees (If applicable)
  • Turn over keys to the new tenant

Procurement Fee & Guarantees

100% of First Month’s rent

  • No upfront fees – We collect nothing until a tenant is secured.
  • Minimum Procurement Fee $400.00
  • Maximum Procurement Fee $2000.00

Management Services

When owners choose  Plantation Realty and Management to manage their rental property, they need to know we have an infrastructure of top notch people and well developed systems to do the job right. We have categorized our management system into three areas; Managing the Money, Managing the Tenant and Managing the Property. Below is a very brief overview of some of these services.

How We Manage Your Money

  • All monies (from all parties) go into secured trust accounts
  • Establish and Maintain Owner’s Escrow Account
  • Electronic Owner Disbursements (and Cash Flow Statements) to all owners no later than the 15th
  • Year End Cash Flow Statements for tax preparation
  • 1099 reporting every year for tax reporting.
  • Well established rent collection policy

Managing the Tenant

  • Our primary job is Enforcing the Terms of the Lease
  • Collect Rent (E-check, ACH, Credit Card, Personal Check)
  • Handle bounced/NSF checks
  • Assess and collect late fees
  • Managing eviction process
  • Managing safety issues
  • Handle HOA violations
  • Handle move-out inspections and disputes over security deposits

How We Manage the Property

  • Manage Normal Maintenance Issues
  • Oversee Contractor Rehabs, Renovations, and Major Replacements.
  • Handle Emergencies – 24-hour Hotline
  • Pre-Screening Vendors & Contractors
  • Manage Vendor & Contractor Response Time
  • Negotiate Vendor and Contractor rates
  • Performing Property Visits and Inspections
  • Schedule & oversee Preventative Maintenance Choices
  • Oversee a Termite Bond program (if applicable)

Management Fee Schedule & Guarantee

Fee Schedule

(percentages are of the monthly rental amount)

  • Monthly fee is 10% per month
    5 or more units at 8%

  • Discounts available for managing multiple properties.
  • Minimum fee of $75.00 required.


  • You pay no management fee if the tenant does not pay rent
  • You pay no management fee while property is vacant

Renewal Services

Your biggest expenses will take place during vacancies with rehab costs, lawn care, utilities, and no rent coming in.

How We Renew your Tenant

  • When the tenant renews, we reanalyze the market to see if we can increase rent.
  • Recommend ways to keep the tenant in the property
  • Handle Negotiations between tenant and owner (if needed)
  • Provide an up-to-date rental market analysis (if needed)

    NOTE: You cannot fire us for doing “too good” of a job

    Sounds strange at first glance? Our agreement between property owner and PRM Georgia shall read that we cannot be fired for doing too good of a job. What this essentially means is that our agreement to manage your property shall remain in full force and in effect so long as the initial/original tenant we have placed into the property remains there. We do a great job of pre-qualifying tenants to provide you stability. We should not be penalized for doing a good job.

Let’s get started

This is just a sampling of the services Plantation Realty and Management offers its clients. We know you need more information before you make the important decision of who to entrust your property to. We are here to answer your questions. For more detailed information, please contact us directly or via email.

  • Phone: 404-855-3840

Thank you for inquiring with Plantation Realty and Management Management. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Total Fees for Leasing and Management

First Month Rent: 100%
Subsequent Months: 10% ($75.00 Minimum)